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Emergency Dental Services in Fairfax, Virginia

Actual Patient Treated in Office
Knocked Out Teeth Accident - Before
Actual Patient Treated in Office

A patient had two teeth completely knocked out, and they fell onto the ground while playing ball.

Knocked Out Teeth Accident
Knocked Out Teeth Accident - During

We told the mother to put them in milk and bring the child to the office immediately. We managed to re-implant the actual teeth and get them smiling again.

Knocked Out Teeth Accident - After

After 6 weeks of healing, the teeth were stable.

Knocked Out Teeth Accident - Prevention

We also created a custom made sports guard so such an accident would not happen again.

What Constitutes A Dental Emergency?

Emergency Dentist serving Northern Virginia

If you need your teeth cleaned or a cavity filled, we can help during our regular office hours. With the following situations, you may need immediate dental attention:


If your emergency occurs during business hours, visit our office as soon as possible, we will help even without an appointment.  Our regular office hours in our Northern Virginia location are 8 am to 6 pm. Unlike other dentists, we are always available to offer you immediate attention. Even if you have an emergency outside of our office hours, we’ll open our doors for you any time to address it.