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Emergency Dentist near Auburn, VA

Remember that during a dental emergency, you are not alone. Whenever, whatever the circumstances, if you are in Auburn, VA and think you or a loved one may be having a dental emergency, please contact us. If you are unsure, don’t travel any unnecessary trips and possibly cause more stress and panic. We are experienced in all types of emergencies and our support staff is always available to take your call and help you through a trying time for which may be completely unprepared to handle. That is why we are here to serve.

When you face uncertainty, it can be so overwhelming in figuring out the next steps. This is why we feel it is our duty to be here for current patients and new, just the same. We have the knowledge and time spent caring for all walks of life during an extremely painful condition. Our valued support team is awaiting your call; if you are having one of the following issues, reach out to us for an emergency dentist you can depend on!

  • Extreme tooth or gum pain
  • Tooth or teeth knock out
  • Cracked or fractured teeth
  • Severe pain associated with loose fillings
  • Complications with dental crowns or fillings
  • Swollen jaw or gums from injury
  • Bit lip or tongue injury
  • Blisters or cuts inside the mouth

Let us be here for your dental emergency and beyond

Our emergency dental services are available 24/7 for real emergency situations, that just can’t wait. Rest assured that we can be here for you during those emergencies, as well as for your regular preventative or cosmetic dentistry needs. If you require dental care for a non-emergency situation in Auburn, VA, please feel free to call us at 703-249-6248 to schedule an appointment for consult during our regular business hours. We are here for you!