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Family and Pediatric Dentistry

We have created a gentle, caring environment for children and families that makes our pediatric dentist office a pleasant place to visit. Our dentists are committed to the well-being of your child’s dental health. We want to make every person in your family, including your children feel safe and relaxed while in our care. If you are seeking an experienced Family or Pediatric Dentist in the Fairfax, Oakton, Chantilly, Centerville or Vienna area, you can trust our team of dentists and hygienists with your child’s oral health.

Within our family and pediatric dental practice located in Fairfax, VA, we specialize in orthodontics as well. We work with you and your child to help them achieve a clean healthy, straight smile. Thanks to the advancements in orthodontic procedures, we have the ability in some cases to correct your child’s bite without the necessity of getting braces. At as early as six years old, an arch expander can be placed in your child’s mouth to help guide the proper movement of teeth during their developmental stage, every child is different, but we work with your family to give you the best options for your children. Braces may still be required in the future, but for a shorter period. Getting your children seen at an earlier age and treating early can help in the future. 

Pediatric Dentistry in Fairfax Virginia

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We Also Offer 24-Hour Emergency Services to Provide for all Your Dental Emergencies in Our Fairfax, VA Office