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Root Canals in Fairfax and Northern Virginia

Does your cavity make you wince in pain every time you take a bite of ice cream or sip something cold? You shouldn’t have to live with such pain and luckily, you don’t have to.

If you need a root canal, we’ll help you get relief from your pain and start smiling again. At Emergency Dental Services, we’re committed to helping our friends and neighbors in Northern Virginia receive great oral health and beautiful smiles.

Get Relief From Your Tooth Pain

Decay can cause the nerve of a tooth to become infected and painful. When this happens, the easiest and least painful solution is a dental root canal procedure. The procedure will help prevent further infection, swelling and save your tooth.

Before the procedure begins our staff will apply anesthesia to the area around the tooth so that you feel relaxed, and don’t feel pain. Once you’re comfortable, the dentist will drain the tooth of decay, bacteria and debris. He will then clean the tooth and remove the infected nerve tissue.


After the tooth is clean, your dentist will seal the tooth so that it is protected from damage and bacteria. Further restorative work may be needed to preserve the appearance and strength of the tooth with a crown.

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