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Your rough-and-tumble teenager can’t sleep because of his terrible toothache. Instead of letting him sit in front of the television with an ice pack on his jaw, call our emergency dentist office in Centreville, VA at Emergency Dental Services office. Our 24-hour dental practice can treat your teenager’s toothache, getting him back to bed and ready for school in the morning.


Teeth that have been knocked out can be replanted, however your best chance for saving the tooth is treatment within 30 minutes of the event. For best results, try to reinsert the tooth or, if that doesn’t work, store it in milk until you can get to our office, near Centreville, VA. Call us at the first sign of a toothache and let our 24-Hour Emergency Dentists preserve your smile.

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At our Emergency Dental Services office near Centreville, VA, our emergency dental care services include the treatment of cracked teeth, missing teeth, severe toothaches, bleeding gums, root canals, and broken crowns. These issues are often very painful—and serious. Don’t wait to get them treated. Stop by our office near Centreville, VA today.


If you or a member of your family is suffering from tooth pain outside of normal office hours, contact our office immediately to get help from a 24-hour dentist in Centreville, VA. We can provide you with fast dental care without an appointment.


We encourage you to make an appointment for non-emergency service, such as orthodontic or cosmetic dental work. Our regular office hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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Do you need an emergency dentist in Centreville, VA? Call the Emergency Dental Services Office immediately at 703.249.6248. We offer round-the-clock emergency dental work near Centreville, VA.