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Halloween Candy to Watch Out For

Halloween Candy to Watch Out For

Tis the season for spooky, sweets, and so much fun for all (especially the kids). But whether you go the traditional trick or treating, or a friends Halloween party, your little ones are likely to have a tummy full of aches and teeth sticky sweet.

Most dentists, understand this is just a part of October festivities for many, but they often recommend staying away from or limiting certain types of treats. Otherwise, you may be in for a number of extra dental visits with some not so happy campers.

Sticky Candy

Chewy, sticky, sweet candy is one of the worst kinds of candy you can have lingering in your mouth. That is exactly what sticky sweets, do – they stick around your teeth and are NOT easily washed away. Letting the sugars sit around your mouth is just an invitation for cavity development.

Gummy Worms

Gummy worms are so delicious, but unfortunately very acidic. Although many of us love acidic foods, they do not fare well for your tooth enamel.

Dark Chocolate

To switch it up, we are happy to announce that this is one of the GOOD kinds of candy. Yes, chocolate (especially if it’s dark chocolate) can actually benefit your oral health. The compounds in the deeper dark chocolate actually mimic the effectiveness of fluoride in protecting your teeth from decay.


Any candy that takes a long time to eat or that sits in your mouth is going to cause problems. There lies the stick icky lollipop, a kid favorite but torrential for your mouth and potential decay. Any other candy that is quickly eaten followed up with teeth brushing is better than any lollipop you could have.

Many dentists are parents, so they understand that there is flexibility during certain sweet times of year, but limiting certain types of treats can go a long way. As well, always get your kids extra brushing time on Halloween night and fight the good fight!

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