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The Cost of Not Replacing a Missing Tooth

The Cost of Not replacing a missing tooth

There is no question that dealing with a missing tooth can be a stressful situation. Getting to know the risks of not replacing the missing tooth can help you see why you shouldn’t wait to have it replaced. Once you speak with your dentist, you will quickly discover there are many replacement options available to help fit your lifestyle and budget. There is no reason to allow your oral health to suffer when you can easily restore your oral health and your beautiful smile.

How Not Replacing a Missing Tooth Can Impact Your Life

According to the American College of Prosthodontics, 178 million people in the United States are missing at least one tooth, and more than 35 million people don’t have any teeth at all. Tooth loss can occur due to several factors, including wear, cancer, injury, and gum disease.  Regardless of the reason for the missing tooth, the impact on your life is often significant.

There are real issues and dangers present if you don’t replace missing teeth. Learning more about the long-term costs and risks of not replacing a missing tooth can help you understand why tooth replacement options are so important.

Bone Loss is One of the Greatest Risks of Not Replacing a Missing Tooth

One of the most significant dangers related to not replacing a missing tooth is bone loss, also known as bone resorption.  Over time, the jawbone will begin to deteriorate. Bone loss occurs after a tooth is gone and the natural roots of the tooth are no longer embedded into the jawbone, leaving a void.

Bone resorption puts you at risk of losing neighboring teeth, and will eventually impact your facial appearance.  As time passes, you may notice that your face shape will change gradually and your lips may appear asymmetrical and sunken if you don’t replace the tooth. A missing tooth (or teeth) can also increase the chance you will develop gum disease in the area where the tooth once existed or even suffer from tooth decay in neighboring teeth.

Options for Replacing a Missing Tooth

There are several replacement options to consider, including dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants (the most popular and long-lasting). Dental implants are sturdy and durable. Compared to the other options they are much longer lasting.  Dental implants can also help to preserve your jawbone because the titanium post used for the implant will fuse with the jawbone over time. This helps to continue stimulating growth and minimizes the potential for bone loss.

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