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What to Know Before Using an Emergency Dentist

What to know before using an emergency dentist

You never know when a dental emergency will strike. Sudden pain, or a stumble or fall bring about excruciating pain.  You may be new to the area or haven’t been to your dentist in years.  You are probably wondering how easy it will be to get into a dental office quickly.

If you’ve tried to call a dentist already, you know that they don’t usually accept patients on the same day, never mind in the next few minutes or after hours or on weekend. This is very frustrating when you are in pain.

The only choice you have is contacting an urgent dental care office: 24/7 dental offices are committed to being available to people just like you. They have dentists who are trained and experienced in all dental services because no one can ever guess what needs to be done when a dental emergency happens.

Here are a few things to keep in mind so you know what to expect.  Most urgent dental care offices are open all day and the shutdown at night unless someone calls in needing care. Typically, the emergency dentist will come in to meet you at the office for an examination.

Your emergency dentist will examine the problems you are having and provide you options for alleviating your pain and correcting the issue. Whether your issue can be corrected easily in one session or requires more extensive work, you will walk into your consultation knowing the dentist will put together a plan quickly to address your needs.

Emergency dental work can be costly.  The good news is that most emergency dental work procedures are covered by your dental insurance. However, there may be some out of pocket fees due to insurance companies not be able to verify coverage during night and weekend situations.  You should check with the dentist before coming in for any questions or concerns you have on billing.

After receiving emergency dental care, you may be required to go back in for a follow up. This will depend on the work you had done. For some procedures, it is the dentist will need to examine the healing process to make sure everything is going back to normal. With other procedures, such as extractions, there usually isn’t a follow up.

Emergency dental care services are available for a reason. Use them to relieve your pain and get the care you need to live life healthy and happy.  If you do not currently have a dentist, or you are having a dental emergency please contact our offices in Northern Virginia today.