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Do You Have White Spots on your Teeth?

White Spots on Teeth

There is more than one reason that teeth develop white spots on the surface. It could be a cosmetic issue that will resolve itself, or it could be a sign of something much more serious. If you ingest a lot of acidic foods or drinks, the constant contact with your teeth could result in mineral loss and these lovely white spots. It could even be the result of a traumatic event while the tooth is developing.

They can be off putting when you consider the aesthetics up close, but there is a greater concern with what exactly this could mean for your health. A white lesion could be preemptive of tooth decay, cavity development, tooth loss, and more.

White Spot Lesion? What’s that?

A white spot lesion is an area or spot where the tooth first began to decay. It is very common with those who wear braces because of the nature of braces and tight awkward spaces, which is why taking care of your oral health is so important. Proper cleaning (brushing and flossing) and maintenance in hard-to-reach places is vital, just as important is what foods and drinks you enjoy. Keep sugary foods to a minimum to protect the enamel of your teeth.

Will These Spots Disappear?

These spots will likely not disappear on their own, they are a permanent change to your teeth. If you notice them, see your dentist right away, as a visit could prevent future cavities or issues. They also will have some options to help conceal the white marks. They may advise on capping, a veneer application, or filing down the tooth a bit.

Hopefully the white marks are from something temporary. In the case of something more worrisome, dental professionals should be seen as soon as possible for cosmetic and health related remediation.