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Have a Crossbite? Signs and Treatment

Signs of a crossbite

A crossbite is when your teeth are not in proper alignment due to missing or irregular positioning of teeth. They may be too close to the cheek or tongue and make for an uncomfortable bite. It can cause jaws to not close properly which can make speaking and eating more challenging and less enjoyable. If you think you may have a crossbite, see the signs below along with the immediate and long-term side effects if you avoid treatment.

Signs of a Crossbite

  • Inability to speak properly causing a lisp
  • When top and bottom rows of teeth do not touch
  • Jaw or tooth pain
  • Cheek and tongue biting when eating or talking
  • Constant severe headaches not attributable to another issue

What are the side effects?

The look of a crossbite is not desirable, but more importantly it causes or increases other unpleasant dental issues.

TOOTH DECAY can happen if you have misaligned teeth because the awkward position and shape of the bite can make it harder to reach and more difficult to clean parts of your teeth. This can lead to certain spots not getting cleaned efficiently as well as an increase in bacteria settlement which leads to decay.

A PAINFUL BITE is often attributed to a crossbite. With the misalignment of teeth, it may feel impossible to bite down on anything without wrecking your teeth. Even the softest foods may feel like a challenge to eat. Seek treatment before it becomes unbearable.

EXTREME HEADACHES are an unfortunate side effect to many ailments we deal with and dental issues, such as crossbites, are no exception. Headaches are connected to a crossbite due to misalignment with your jaw which puts a strain on your facial and jaw muscles which are linked to nerves that follow directly to the brain.

Treatment Options

Treatment options for a crossbite include tooth extraction for those with just one tooth causing overcrowding or awkwardly positioned. There are always braces if the misalignment is throughout your teeth; they work slowly but the benefits will be worth the wait.