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How to Handle a Dental Emergency

To be a kid again, so carefree, and so prone to injury due to excitement and high energy. We as parents should not be surprised that a dental emergency is likely to occur to at least one of our children or maybe to one of us. Nevertheless, it is stressful and at times emotional when a tooth is broken, knocked out (or several), when there is internal impaction, or when you have pain beyond a simple cavity toothache. How you handle these situations may influence how the injured person handles it – so whether you need to find an emergency dentist or feel that you can take care of it at home it is important to stay levelheaded and find the appropriate treatments to provide some relief.


If you are having a toothache dental emergency, the pain must be beyond relief and keeping you from living a normal day-to-day. Otherwise scheduling an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible is appropriate. In the meantime, keep your gums and teeth clean with floss, brushing, and rinsing with warm water. A pain reliever may help temporarily but is not necessarily recommended. Your doctor will advise you on the best option to manage your pain and find the proper solutions to whatever is causing your pain.

Knocked Out

If you can, save the knocked-out tooth or teeth and keep in milk and a bit of salt. You may just save your tooth if you can see a dentist within an hour of the loss. Otherwise, the dentist will offer you restorative options to recover your smile as close to natural, as possible.

Broken Teeth

When a broken tooth or teeth are present, saving what you can of your teeth and rinsing is advisable. If there is bleeding, pressure should be applied with washcloth or gauze. If there is swelling use a cold compress and contact an emergency dentist to see if a visit is immediately necessary.

If you have other concerns, such as unusual swelling and pain that does not go away, lost a filling or crown, a broken jaw – contact your dentist or an emergency dentist for attention. Calling ahead is best; as the professionals may offer support that will keep you comfortable at home and not rushing for emergency treatment.