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Do You Need Prescription Toothpaste?

Dentist handing over prescription toothpaste

You may not have known anything about prescription toothpaste unless you require it, but it exists to treat many different oral health problems. For some dental patients, it is teeth sensitivity, being prone to cavities, or thinning enamel. Your dentist can aptly identify this at your routine checkups or if you schedule an appointment to discuss your discomfort. Most likely they will prescribe the necessary treatment with a toothpaste specific to your oral ailment.

Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth are a tell-tale sign of a weakening in your tooth or teeth. Without help from a prescription toothpaste, you may be a lifelong victim of hot, cold, or too sweet foods. A proper toothpaste will promote overall good oral health. The sensitive specific toothpaste will also help to seal up gaps or tiny fractures in your tooth enamel. With a more stabilized enamel, the innervated root and dentin within the tooth will be protected. This lack of protection is what causes the discomforting sensitive shocks to the system.

Cavity Prone

Does it seem like cavities arise, no matter how well you care for your teeth and gums or eat the right foods? Then your dentist may want to prescribe a toothpaste that offers more protection and strengthen resistance to cavity-causing bacteria. With this, you will most likely need to brush more often, after each meal and sugary treat. This will improve your chances, or rather it reduces your chances of getting the dreaded news of another cavity.

Enamel Degradation

If your enamel has thinned or is naturally thin, you may notice not only discoloration but sensitivity (as previously mentioned), as well as structural issues beginning to surface. Although you cannot recreate or grow enamel, you can protect what’s left. The prescription toothpaste will help re-mineralize the enamel by way of fluoride and calcium. This will at least protect your teeth from future damage from drinks, foods, or invasive bacteria.