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Which Toothbrush is Best For You?

Choosing a toothbrush

Finding the right toothbrush and using it correctly will help set you on the right path for good oral health. When you are walking through the dental care aisle at your local grocery store, the choices seem endless. From basic kids and baby toothbrushes to battery operated and electric brushes, which is best and why does it matter? Finding a quality toothbrush that isn’t too expensive but long lasting may seem pointless. However, if it means less painful encounters with your dentist, it might just be worth the search.

What’s in a Brand?

Many would say the brand isn’t what matters, but it’s a matter of how you are brushing. While that is true, it’s not the brand that should be the deciding factor. Your age, the bristle type, the toothbrush size, and shape should all be considered. Comfort is key since you will be brushing twice a day. Additionally, your toothbrush should reach all of your teeth easily.

Bristles, Handles, and Heads for a Better, Brighter Smile

Most dental professionals recommend a soft-bristled brush since these remove plaque and food remnants effectively. A smaller head also makes it much easier to get to those hard to reach places, especially in the back. The handle, however, is pretty much to your personal preference. The best choice for a toothbrush is one that fits your mouth comfortably and reaches all of your teeth. Many people opt for an electric toothbrush because they think it does a more effective job cleaning, but these can get expensive and are not always completely necessary.

Replacement & Consistent Care

Typical replacement of toothbrushes or electric toothbrush heads  is about 3 months on average, or when the top of the brush is worn. If you’ve been sick, it is best to replace at that time, so that germs are not reintroduced into your system.

While it is important to choose the right toothbrush, it is more important to make sure you are brushing correctly. Be sure to clean all sides of your teeth, and for a long enough time. Talk to your dentist about any current concerns, and how you can improve your brushing technique. If you have the right toothbrush and the right method to keep your teeth clear of cavities and problems, you will be on your way to excellent oral health!